Grigor Khachatryan

Director of Engineering, Platform | LyveGlobal | Los Angeles, CA

Analysis of Cybercrime Investigation Problems in the Cloud Environment

Publication Date : July 30 2022
Journal ISSN : 1738-7906
Volume Number: Vol.22, No.07
Citation: Vol. 22 No. 7 pp. 315-319
ORCID: 0000-0002-6735-7149


Cloud computing has emerged to be the most effective headway for investigating crime especially cybercrime in this modern world. Even as we move towards an information technology-controlled world, it is important to note that when innovations are made, some negative implications also come with it, and an example of this is these criminal activities that involve technology, network devices, and networking that have emerged as a result of web improvements. These criminal activities are the ones that have been termed cybercrime. It is because of these increased criminal activities that organizations have come up with different strategies that they use to counter these crimes, and one of them is carrying out investigations using the cloud environment. A cloud environment has been defined as the use of web-based applications that are used for software installation and data stored in computers. This paper examines problems that are a result of cybercrime investigation in the cloud environment. Through analysis of the two components in play; cybercrime and cloud environment, we will be able to understand what are the problems that are encountered when carrying out investigations in cloud forensics. Through the use of secondary research, this paper found out that most problems are associated with technical and legal channels that are involved in carrying out these investigations. Investigator’s mistakes when extracting pieces of evidence form the most crucial problems that take a lead when it comes to cybercrime investigation in the cloud environment. This paper not only flags out the challenges that are associated with cybercrime investigation in cloud environments but also offer recommendations and suggested solutions that can be used to counter the problems in question here. Through a proposed model to perform forensics investigations, this paper discusses new methodologies solutions, and developments for performing cybercrime investigations in the cloud environment.